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The Simple Golf Swing Review

Visit The Simple Golf Swing Product The Simple Golf Swing
Rating 8.0 / 10
Price $47

David Nevogt recently released a new golf swing guide titled The Simple Golf Swing. The guide claims that it can slice as many as a dozen strokes off your scorecard.

The main focus of the book is on the relationship between your spine and your golf swing. The spine acts as a powerful centrifugal force, helping you maintain a consistent swing path and weight distribution. When this balance is upset, swings can often become irregular, leading to inaccurate shots and shortened distance.

The steps to developing this more balanced swing are detailed through a series of diagrams and pictures, giving you a great view of how your body and most importantly, your spine, should be positioned during each stage of the swing. Not only is the full swing analyzed, but shortened swings and their slightly different mechanics are also discussed. There is even a section dedicated to improving your short game, an area which the majority of amateur golfers need help with.

Beyond simply teaching the aspects of The Simple Golf Swing system, the guide also details other important aspects of golfing such as grip and timing. Timing in particular is an important topic that goes hand in hand with this system as a more fluid motion will complements the teachings in this guide. For those with quick and forceful swings it may take some practice to slow down your tempo and focus more on control and less on speed.

The teachings in this guide are by no means radical. The importance of using the body in your swing, as opposed to the hands and arms, is a commonly taught mantra. By properly coiling and releasing the spine your swing will generate a tremendous amount of force while the arms and hands just go with the ride for the most part.

The Simple Golf Swing guide retails for $47 and comes with some nice bonuses as well. Judging by the testimonials of the guide, this simplification of the golf swing has worked wonders for many people who used to struggle with inconsistency and timing. Many Simple Golf Swing users have seen their scores lowered by 10 shots or more after reading the guide and properly utilizing the techniques that it teaches. Overall the guide is a great tool for both beginning and mid-level players and should drastically increase your enjoyment of the game.

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