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Pure Point Golf Swing Review

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Rating 9.8 / 10
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For anyone striving to take their golf swing and more importantly their ball flight in a new direction, the Pure Point Swing Guide is one to seriously consider. The Pure Point Book and golfing system were developed by golf and teaching pro Bobby Eldridge, who has spent over 30 years refining and perfecting his unique swing techniques. Bobby’s years of teaching shine through in this book as he details his teachings in such a way that readers are introduced to each new concept with a perfect understanding of the preceding points.

The Pure Point system is centered around the realization that golf swings do not need to be complex to be efficient. Through years of teaching golfers and seeing firsthand the difficulties which many of them had in developing and maintaining a consistent, traditionally taught swing, the seeds for a new system sprouted in Bobby’s mind. A system which produced results on par or even greater than those achieved through a perfected traditional swing, yet were infinitely easier to master and reproduce.

Bobby breaks this new swing down in a step-by-step process which is clear and understandable even to those unfamiliar with golf. This swing quickly produces results for golfers of all handicaps, giving them longer and straighter shots than what they had previously enjoyed.

In fact more than 90% of the golfers who accepted the challenge of incorporating these techniques into their swing saw positive results. After having read through this book it’s quite understandable why. After the initial transition of learning and putting the new swing into practice, the sheer intuitiveness of the swing produces dramatic results.

The Pure Point Golf Book also comes with some additional bonuses that help supplement the teachings well. It’s just one more incentive to pick up the book, though the thought of hitting longer and straighter shots should be all the incentive you need.

If the inconsistencies in your golf swing have brought you down, then you have nothing to lose by trying out the Pure Point Swing system. By taking the time and effort to incorporate this system into your swing and moving away from your old swing tendencies, you will quickly see results that would have taken years to achieve through a traditional swing, if at all. This guide is both a simple and price effective way to add lasting changes to your golf game which will stay with you for the rest of your life.

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Pure Point Golf Swing Review

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