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How You Can Finally Master The Classic Golf Swing

May 24th, 2009 by masteryourgolfswing | Filed in Uncategorized

How You Can Finally Master The Classic Golf Swing
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The classic golf swing is the traditional “over-the-top” swing that almost every person who has ever picked up a club is using. It is the most straightforward golf swing, however like anything in the game of golf it is very hard to master.

To make it easier, the classic golf swing will divided into two parts, and each has its own difficulties to master. The back swing and down swing are the two main elements that you have to consider when trying to strike a golf ball. Remember that this is not a putting stroke, but a swing to drive the ball, so the approach is different.

With the back swing you have to remember to keep the head down, even when the arms go up and the shoulders twist back. Keeping your head down and eyes on the ball will be the most important factor to keep your swing consistent. You have to keep your head down, no matter how much you would like to pull your head back and look at the club as it hangs over your head.

Tilting your head up will completely throw off the swing and in essence cause you to either chop the top of the ball or to twist the club in the down swing as your head twists. This will cause you to slice the ball to the left or right as your hands will twist with your head and make the club head go one way or the other, not allowing a straight shot.

For the down swing there are a couple of things to keep in mind when you are working on your classic golf swing. It is the golf swing release that will allow you to get the most power for your drive and to let the ball go along its path. Think of your club as a pendulum and it will gather more power as it goes along its natural path.

In other words: Follow through. Continue to drive that ball all the way through and do not try to slow down as you strike the ball. Try to drive the ball more with your legs than with your arms. Keeping your elbows and arms straight will give you more power and drive for the ball.

Remember that consistency is the key when it comes to your golf swing release. Sure, you should try different things and different release points, however once you find one that is comfortable you should stick with it. By being able to maintain the same swing and improve accuracy and power with small tweaks for your swing, this will lead to more rapid improvement than trying something new.

Learn to trust yourself and your golf swing. Try to move your hands up a little bit, or bend your knees a little more when you do the back swing. Small changes like this rather than completely changing your whole approach will eventually provide the results that you are looking for in your game.

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