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How You Can Easily Analyze And Improve Your Golf Swing Path

May 9th, 2009 by masteryourgolfswing | Filed in Uncategorized

How You Can Easily Analyze And Improve Your Golf Swing Path
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Simply put, your golf swing path is the path in which you swing a golf club. There are two different parts to take into consideration when you look at your swing path. The first is the backswing, or bringing the club back and over your shoulder, and then of course the downswing in which you strike the ball. These are the two common parts of all golf swing sequences. First, let’s have a look at the backswing.

The Backswing

  • Maximize the distance between your club head and the ball as you bring the club back
  • Use one fluid motion when bringing back the club
  • Keep the club straight as you swing it back
  • Maximize the distance between your hands and the club head, use the entire shaft length to provide more drive

Following these simple instructions will help you to improve the backswing part of your golf swing path. By practicing this and using different approaches until you are comfortable, it will allow you to develop consistency and accuracy when you are driving the ball.

The Downswing

  • Keep the club straight as well as your hands
  • Use your legs more than your arms to drive the ball
  • Follow through on the swing, letting up as you hit will eliminate much of the power in your swing
  • Hit the ball straight-on to eliminate slicing
  • Be comfortable

Using these tips to improve the downswing part of your golf swing path will improve your game dramatically. Using your entire body and practicing your swing repeatedly and as often as possible will allow you to develop consistency. Using the same golf swing sequences consistently will improve and enhance your game.

Please be aware that preparing and getting the right swing for a putt is completely different from preparing for a drive and a tee shot. This is not only a mental change, but a physical change as well. Your body will not be exerting maximum force on a putt where as in many cases you will want maximum power for a drive.

The mental portion of your swing may be just as hard to master as any physical problems that you may face with your game. Not believing that you can hit the ball straight or believing that if you had the top line equipment you could achieve a perfect swing, are mistakes that many will make.

Finding a comfort level for your game and knowing your limitations will enable you to become better and to improve not only your driving ability and putting, but your handicap as well.

So practice, get comfortable and master your swing. Know how you have to hold your hands and elbows as you go into your back swing, let muscle memory take over and then let the ball fly off the clubface and onto the green as you show everyone else how your game has improved.

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