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How To Break 80 And Shoot Like The Pros Review

Visit How To Break 80 And Shoot Like The Pros Product How To Break 80 And Shoot Like The Pros
Rating 7.5 / 10
Price $37

We have to admit that we were somewhat skeptical when we first picked up this book. How to Break 80 and Shoot Like the Pros is, after all, written by an amateur golfer no different than you or ourselves. Jack Moorehouse is not a teaching pro, a professional golfer or even a golf journalist. Considering that even acclaimed teaching pros release books with much more understated goals than this one, we were asking ourselves, who is this guy and who does he think he is to make such bold claims?

The first thing we noticed was that while Jack may not be a teaching pro, he does a tremendous job in making the content of his book easy to grasp without being too basic. He uses his words in a way that is perfect for instruction, something that not many of the top teaching pros are capable of.

This guide is not about a system or routine, it is simply an analysis of all facets of the golf game, straight from a golfer who was in the same position as you. This makes everything in the book easier to relate to and far more believeable than it might otherwise be. This is not meant to upset any of the teaching pros and other golf writers out there, but most of them simply don’t know what it is like to be a struggling amateur golfer. They started to learn the game at a very early age and were already breaking 80 by the time they were in high school. Jack has quite a different story to tell for himself and he is keen to share his own experiences with the reader, making the book both an educational guide and an interesting read.

As mentioned, there is no stone left unturned in this guide. The largest sections of the guide are devoted to swing mechanics, but there were many topics discussed that we were both surprised about and delighted to see. Topics are not often get discussed such as getting into a rhythm on the course. This should be used at all times, no matter the situation. Once you have chosen your club and agreed on your shot, you should take a nearly identical amount of time from the moment you position yourself over the ball until the moment when your club head is driving through it.

Other areas of interest include choosing your clubs and choosing what equipment to use in general, balance, putting, the short game, playing from the sand, playing in wind or other awkward weather conditions and so much more. Each section is brought to life by images and diagrams giving a clearer picture of what is discussed.

The mental side of the game is also discussed and this was a fascinating section. It is often said that golf is 90% mental and that how well you handle your emotions will greatly dictate your success on the course. Even the best golfers in the world have those moments where something goes wrong, where they loose focus and make additional mistake and everything snowballs downhill from there. If you can master the mental aspects of the game, you will be well on your way to dealing with any situation that presents itself and play much better and more consistent golf.

How to Break 80 and Shoot Like the Pros is a $37 purchase that comes with several golfing related bonuses. The bonuses alone would be well worth the price of admission, but even without them sweetening the deal, this book would be more than enough to justify the purchase on its own. It is a fantastic and comprehensive guide that should be picked up and studied by every amateur golfer out there.

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